The Dallas Philosophers Forum meets in the North Dallas area every 2nd and 4th Tuesday from September through May, excepting the 4th Tuesday in December (to accommodate Christmas celebrations, etc.) and the 4th Tuesday in May (to accommodate summer plans).  Zoom access will not be available for our fall 2023 session.  Please join us in person and enjoy the great fellowship and food.  We are meeting at the NewNew Chinese Buffet , 3822 Belt Line Road in Addison, Texas for our fall 2023 session.

Our lectures begin promptly at 7:30pm.  We charge $5.00 for our lectures, preferably in cash. You can arrive as early as 6:00pm to enjoy the food and have some stimulating conversation with fellow philosophs before the lecture.                                                    

There will be no online lectures for Fall 2023.  We encourage you to visit us in person and enjoy the fellowship and cameraderie of fellow philosophs. Please sign up for the e-mail list and join our Meetup group.  Our email list and Meetup group are notified of any important news such as schedule changes. Click the email list link on the contact page  to sign up.


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See Lecture Schedule for the current Philosophy Lecture Series The Dallas Philosophers' Forum's  philosophy lecture series takes place at NewNew Chinese Buffet in Addision for fall 2023.  See the location page for details.

Please see the location page for more information.

Please check the current lecture schedule for details about the current lecture series. Sign up for the e-mail list so you'll be notified in advance of upcoming  lectures. Come on out and participate in the intellectual life of the DFW area.

Philosophy Lecture Series Archives Page

Please take at look at the Forum's archive material page. Abstracts, audio recordings, and Zoom recordings of lecture-related material will be made available via this page.

The Dallas Philosophers Forum:

The Dallas Philosophers Forum is a lecture series and discussion group which meets in the Dallas, Texas metroplex. The Dallas Philosophers Forum is dedicated to bringing philosophy, ideas, and intellectual discussion to an interested and educated audience in the DFW area.

The philosophy talks are designed to be engaging and non-technical and thus they are enjoyable by the layperson or academician alike: Philosophy made user friendly. In addition to the regular philosophy lecture meetings, the Dallas Philosophers Forum also sponsors a Philosophy Study Group.

Dallas Philosophers Forum gatherings begin with dinner and discussion for those who want to come an hour or so early, then a philosophy lecture followed by half an hour of questions from the audience. After the talks are over, everyone is encouraged to hang around and discuss the philosophical problems of the evening until the restaurant closes.

Whether you are a professional, student, retiree, professor, or simply enjoy intellectual discussion then the Dallas Philosophers Forum has something for you. Come see why the Forum has become a D/FW institution.

Please sign up for the e-mail list to be notified in advance of the next lecture. You will also receive any important news such as schedule changes. Click contact us above to sign up.

Why Philosophy and the Dallas Philosopher's Forum?

What is philosophy?

            Philosophy literally is the love of knowledge. Traditionally it included all of what we now call science, ethics, politics, esthetics, psychology and sociology. Philosophy of course includes metaphysics, or the investigation into the basic reality of all things. This comprises ontology, which is the consideration of the nature of the universe; teleology which attempts to discern a purpose of existence; and epistemology which tries to answer the question, how do we know what we know.

            Philosophy enquires into the nature of meaning and value, a good life, morality, knowledge, truth and reality. It also deepens our understanding of the sciences, mathematics, art, literature, history, language, the mind, religion, and more. It teaches us to examine our own lives and what gives them meaning and purpose.


 What does the Dallas Philosophers Forum do?

            The DPF brings scholars and thinkers from various disciplines to share their research and insights with the public in an open forum, allowing for discussion, questions and feedback from the audience.


What is the appeal of this group?

            The appeal of the DPF is the variety of intellectual endeavor that is meant to enlighten, educate, and entertain persons who are interested in broadening their search for understanding the cosmos and their roles in it. We have been meeting for over 45 years and enjoy an excellent reputation in academic and social circles.


What subjects do the talks cover?

            The DPF welcomes all the world of historical philosophy, not only the “hard” sciences like physics and geology, but also the “soft” ones of sociology, psychology, economics and history. In addition, we enjoy talks on the aspects of traditional philosophy, including such questions as the nature of good and evil, free will and determinism, and the goal or purpose of life and the universe.

            We avoid controversial subjects such as politics and religion unless they are presented in a scientific, historical or philosophical context.


How often does the DPF meet, time and place?

            Please visit our website,, for details and the schedule of talks and speakers.


Is attendance open to everyone?

            We welcome anyone who is open-minded and a seeker of knowledge and wisdom. We do not allow a platform for racism, divisive politics, or religious bigotry. We encourage comments and questions that are intelligent, open-minded and thought provoking. Many of our attendees are scientists, other professionals, professors and students.


We are open to anyone who is willing to help with the organization, including audio-visual technical aid and serving on the Board of Directors.

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The Dallas Philosopher's Forum is run by "Philosopher's Forum, Inc", a 501(c)3 tax exempt organization.

Opinions expressed by speakers participating in events of the Dallas Philosopher’s Forum are solely the opinions of the speaker and do not necessarily represent the opinions of the members of The Dallas Philosophers Forum or its Board of Directors.
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- Prof. Simon Blackburn, Professor, University of Cambridge, UK.